KHUNKEN s.r.l.

Maintenance Instrumental

Khunken Technology offers a maintenance service electro specialist. The scope of primary instrumentation certified that they have available our technicians allows for calibration of thermocouples, pressure gauges up to 1000 Bar, level meters, PH meters, smoke meters, testing of flow meters. Our staff is able to intervene on primary instrumentation companies. Are performed specific maintenance of positioners for proportional valves, on-off switch is an electromechanical or pneumatic. The ability to adjust both traditional field instruments (4 .. 20mA) of that new generation of tools that communicate with HART, Profilbus PA, Modbus allows us to offer a complete service. The maintenance service software instrumental of DCS and PLC allows you to have a single point of contact for maintenance issues electro. Our maintenance service is not limited to calibration, internal personnel are available for the construction and installation of flexible remake of pneumatic piping, dismantling and recovery of hydraulic and pneumatic cylinders, valves maintenance drawers. Perform maintenance electro means giving clients the assurance of a professional service. To do this, we provide technical provisions for deferred maintenance, maintenance stop in increments of staff, on-call service 365 days / year, 24H day. The technicians responsible for this service have attended specific courses for working in confined places suspected pollution or DGL 81/08 and DPR 177 of 09.14.2011 and ratings PES, PEI and are equipped with the necessary PPE.

Revamping plants instrumental

Khunken Tenology proposes revamping service of antiquated equipment, providing the necessary equipment, taking care of the installation and commissioning. Are performed maintenance "Full Service" comprehensive management of spare parts, the supply of components and systems. Maintenance is performed on analytical tools for the measurement of concentrations of gas with gas sample at known concentrations.