KHUNKEN s.r.l.

Electrical Maintenance

The professionals in the company enable us to carry out maintenance of electrical installations of low voltage (LV) and on plants of medium voltage (MV) up to 20kV. Our engineers have access to the necessary equipment to perform insulation tests, checks earthing, electrical checks on differential measurements of power quality and electrical energy. The staff has performed specific courses in order to operate in the presence of voltage or under voltage obtaining qualifications PES PEI.

MT medium voltage system

  • Periodic checks of load break switches and disconnectors load
  • Strikethrough and tightening checks on insulators
  • Checks protection intervention
  • Checks thermometric, relay Bulcolz of transformers in oil or resin
  • Remaking "Heads" with certification
  • Revamping cabins receiving MT and Transformation
  • Installation and Testing Lines MT
  • Plants BT Low Voltage

  • Interventions Power Center, recovery equipment, bending the bars of copper or aluminum on the spot
  • Interventions of MCC replacement of drawers, maintenance of plug connectors, replacement and modification of the same
  • Work on automation panels, replacement of inverters or drives and parameterization. Interventions on PLC hardware and software
  • Work on distribution lines, signal lines, data lines troubleshooting and repair.
  • Maintenance and instrumental checks on induction motors, synchronous, DC and Bruscless
  • Maintenance and control of UPS and UPS
  • Maintenance pneumatic valves and cylinders
  • Plant Maintenance on board of limit switches, photocells and proximity switches
  • Plant Maintenance revamping lighting fixtures
  • Maintenance bus bar distribution sockets