KHUNKEN s.r.l.

Who we are

Khunken Technology was founded in 1999 as an individual company dedicated to providing software for industrial automation and process adjustments instrumental. In a short time we have gone to the design of electrical panels, their implementation and commissioning. Driven by the demands of customers who saw a single source of logistical and technical advantages. This has led the company to produce the first turnkey work. The philosophy of the company to enhance customer services has allowed Khunken to create the first teams dedicated to Industrial Maintenance in 2002. In 2006 came the Khunken Technology Srl with the contribution of the staff of the individual firm and insert new professionals. In the years have been fulfilled orders in the food, oil and gas, automotive, energy sector. Our philosophy is to satisfy the customer's requirements with ease and professionalism characteristics that have marked from birth.


“The passion for the electrical, electronics, computer science and engineering disciplines generally animate the work that our staff develops daily for our customers. Khunken Technology means dynamism. New challenges working creates the necessary conditions to make the most of the orders entrusted to us. Safety at work, training of technical personnel to the quality system ISO 9001 assist the technical services we offer.”

Davide Cerati CEO khunken Tecnology Srl